Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Aliens Cause Global Warming

Aliens Cause Global Warming: A lecture by Michael Crichton

He's "wrong" on several levels, but his points are made thoughtfully, and the type of reasoning they embody deserves a serious response from our side. And I can only applaud his ultimate conclusion:

"Sooner or later, we must form an independent research institute in this country. It must be funded by industry, by government, and by private philanthropy, both individuals and trusts. The money must be pooled, so that investigators do not know who is paying them. The institute must fund more than one team to do research in a particular area, and the verification of results will be a foregone requirement: teams will know their results will be checked by other groups. In many cases, those who decide how to gather the data will not gather it, and those who gather the data will not analyze it. If we were to address the land temperature records with such rigor, we would be well on our way to an understanding of exactly how much faith we can place in global warming, and therefore what seriousness we must address this."


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