Monday, March 21, 2005


I might as well start getting this out there: some time this summer I hope to hire my first employee since returning to the United States in 1997. By then I should be out of the home office and into some more respectable digs. I'll be looking for someone willing to do grunt work at first, but with twice the intelligence and ambition and self-discipline of his/her boss. I want to hire someone to eventually become the core of a terrifyingly rigorous and efficient management team that will sooner or later push me out for being too damned lazy and moody and unfocused.

Austin's a great place to live, and I mean to be as generous with salary and bennies as I can afford to be at this tiny-company stage. I want someone with foreign-language skills, international experience, impeccable ethics and values, and at least some exposure to business. Mediocrities need not apply. Any takers?


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