Friday, November 18, 2005

Going to New Orleans

I may have to suspend the daily blog post experiment for a week. I'm going to New Orleans to take part in the Common Ground Road Trip for Relief project along with some other Texas Greens, and I don't know whether I'll have Internet access. If I do, I'll post from there; if not, I'll report when I get back.

"The folks at Common Ground invite you to join an estimated 300 volunteers from around the continent to converge in New Orleans the week of Thanksgiving.We want to encourage those in attendance to arrive with building & clearning supplies, donated equipment and, if possible, funds that can apply directly to help rebuild the 9th Ward.

"Upon arrival, we will orient you to the long history of neglect and oppression in this area and offer tips on how to connect with the community in a respectful and effective manner. Then we will plug people into community projects in the 9th Ward where we have just opened a new distribution center and where we are helping to coordinate efforts to challenge unjust city, state and national governments' policies and commercial exploits.


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