Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A chicken on every disk

The Inquirer (no, not that Enquirer) reports that Vista, the name of Microsoft's much-anticipated upcoming Windows upgrade, means "chicken" or "frumpy woman" in Latvian. "The poor sales person rings up and talks about 101 things you can do with a chicken and they think he or she is flogging a cookbook. Of course if they think he or she is talking about a frumpy woman then they are likely to think they are getting an obscene phone call."

Blue Danube was once asked to provide linguistic commentary on the then-new name "Accenture". We did identify one very obscure and rather unlikely potential association in Czech, but it obviously (and rightly) wasn't enough to derail adoption of the new name.

Tip o' the keyboard to Common Sense Advisory and Yahoo News UK.


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