Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weblog 2017-01-12

Among other things I'm hoping that "weblogging" will help me resist my bad habit of wasting half the day following endless Internet rabbit trails. But I'm also hoping it will help me capture and retain information from my casual reading that is valuable.

Added to my to-read list:

Niklas Goeke summarizes Simple Rules* on his reading blog Four Minute Books. "Simple Rules shows you how to navigate our incredibly complex world by learning the structure of and coming up with your own set of easy, clear-cut rules to follow for the most various situations in life."

*Yes, it's an affiliate link. Buy ten copies for each of your friends! Make me rich!

Seeing patterns

Pattern-finding (forming heuristics) and meta-pattern-finding is just what humans do. It works more often than not (otherwise it would never have evolved), but it fails often enough to get us in trouble. And then we form heuristics about heuristic failure. And so on, turtles all the way down....


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