Saturday, December 06, 2014

Script Debugger developer shares thinking on $199 price tag

I've been writing AppleScript since before OS X was around, but I've never been able to bring myself to drop $199 on Script Debugger, the acknowledged gold standard of AppleScript code editors that enables users to "explore, edit, debug, and deploy" scripts. In his latest blog post, the developer Mark Alldritt shares his thinking on pricing for the application. Mark writes:

I see Script Debugger as a tool that makes professional developers money by saving them a lot of time. Those that really need Script Debugger know it and would pay much more because of this simple equation. In fact, if I had more courage I would raise the price even further.

It's highly unlikely that I'll ever be a "professional" AppleScript developer. It may be that I'll ultimately recover my investment of time in scripting by streamlining some of my business processes, but any net savings are extremely indirect and nearly impossible to measure. Clearly I'm not one of those who "really need" Script Debugger. I'm more of a hobbyist and enthusiast who might "want" it enough to pay $50 or so. Mark's strategy leaves stingy old penny-pinchers like me out in the cold.

Of course, a couple hundred bucks really isn't that much in the grand scheme of things. Perhaps someday I'll draw a lucky Community Chest card and decide to splurge. Until then, I suppose I'll just keep gazing enviously over at my "pro" scripting brethren.